Anxiety and the COVID-19 pandemic

Anxiety can be as contagious as the coronavirus, and psychological states such as loneliness spreads throughout populations like New York, like a virus. We need, all of us, to work mindfully on the physiology of fear unprecedented in American history.

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Grief Work

Typically, it isn’t until we experience the death of a loved one that we come to think about our attitudes and expectations around the end of life. Following tradition is then eased by ritual or spiritual practices and funeral/memorial plans.

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Are you in a relationship with a bpd?(Borderline Personality Disorder)

What makes love amazing is its spontaneity. And the fact that we can’t choose whom our hearts fall for is even more exciting. If your loved one suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD), your journey won’t be easy. It’s really painful to watch those who hold a dear place in your heart struggling with profound inner turmoil, unstable personal identity and deep emotional stress.

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