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Most people want a successful romantic relationship, but sometimes, long-term relationships can be hard. Fortunately, relationships therapy at Mental Health Counselor PLLC can help. Michael John Arnold, LMHC, has extensive experience counseling couples on their journey to a harmonious and happy partnership. Call or book online now to schedule your first appointment.

What is relationship therapy?

Many people seek to build a happy and loving romantic relationship in their lives. Indeed, this type of relationship can bring immense joy and fulfillment. However, a successful, peaceful, and loving relationship can be difficult to maintain. as differences of opinion, changing feelings, arguments, and other life circumstances can pull you and your partner apart.

Relationship therapy, also called couples therapy or marriage counseling. It is a type of psychotherapy that is aimed at helping couples improve their relationships and recognize. and resolve conflict in a healthy, productive manner. It can serve as a way to learn how to work together to achieve a happy partnership or to go your separate ways if that is what is needed as well. Michael has extensive experience helping couples resolve their conflicts.  And find harmony with each other, with an understanding that each individual and every couple is unique.

Who could benefit from relationship therapy?

Relationships therapy can benefit couples and individuals also in many situations, whether it is to address a specific problem or simply strengthen an already happy relationship. Often, couples take part in relationships therapy together, although an individual may benefit from going alone as well. Relationship therapy can benefit couples of all sexual orientations or relationship status.

Relationship therapy can be a good idea for couples. Who are about to get married in order to give them an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. And work through any differences of opinion before marriage. Relationship counseling can also help couples deal with communication issues, sexual troubles, anger, infidelity, loss of trust, conflicts of opinion, and much more.

What can I expect at my appointment?

For the most part, couples engage in relationship therapy together. During the sessions. You will have an opportunity to discuss your feelings, positive or negative, in a safe and supportive environment. Michael will help you both learn open communication skills, problem-solving skills, and healthy ways to address disagreements.

Each session can be different. There may be heavy conflict and fighting during the session, or you may feel withdrawn and not wish to talk. You can also choose to go for an individual session if you feel the need to speak with Michael in privacy. Throughout the process, Michael will work with you and your partner to deepen and strengthen your relationship and bring about more peace and harmony between you.

To learn more about relationship therapy and how it could help you strengthen your relationship and find the love you desire, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment.