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Mental Health Counselor PLLC


I am Michael John Arnold, a licensed psychotherapist, licensed mental health
counselor in New York, who has been working with people who experience
all types of suffering and loss for over 20 years. After completing my BA in
Psychology from Marquette University in Milwaukee, I pursued my MA in
Counseling and Spiritual Care from Fordham University in NYC (Magna
Cum Laude, Jesuit Honor Society). Since then, I completed Complicated
Grief Training with The Center for Complicated Grief at Columbia University,

I have worked on psychiatric units in a New York City hospital, the
Samaritans in their suicide prevention services, in End-of-Life care at
Cabrini Hospice, in eldercare at The New Jewish Nursing home and in
serving the needs of patients on life support at the Henry J. Carter Specialty

I have been working on a trauma team that heads out of town to mass
violence incidents. I was out in El Paso, Texas after the shooting in August
2019 in a Walmart. I was sent up to Buffalo after racist mass shooting at a
grocery store in May 2022.I just recently went to Lewiston, ME in October
2023, in which 18 people were killed in two mass shootings.

I also work with individuals who have been affected by all types of traumas
which include sudden and unexpected deaths. This includes suicides,
murders, accidental deaths, murder/suicides and cardiac arrests. (Over 700
tragic events to date) This includes being down at the Surfside
condominium collapse in June 2021.

My desire is to be there for all individuals who are going through
emotionally and psychologically hard times, so that they can get a better
understanding of the intense times that have been put across their lives.
My goal is to help them to address these events and to guide them to make
changes that will make it possible for them to move forward and recreate a
life of joy.