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Michael John Arnold

This is what grief is.

A hole ripped through the very fabric of your being.
The hole eventually heals along the jagged edges that remain.
It may even shrink in size.
But that hole will always be there.
A piece of you always missing.
For where there is deep grief, there was great love.
Don’t be ashamed of your grief.
Don’t judge it.
Don’t suppress it.
Don’t rush it.
Rather, acknowledge it.
Lean into it.
Listen to it.
Feel it.
Sit with it.
Sit with the pain. And remember the love.
This is where the healing will begin.
(author unknown)*

This heartbreakingly beautiful sculpture is called Melancolie. It was created by Albert György


“Since I started therapy with Michael I am sleeping better, eating healthier, making good decisions and I am back to a full-time job and the gym.”



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