Even though I didn't visit Michael as a patient, I was blessed with the experience of working with him back in 2016. Incredible fellow and co-worker. Always with a smile in spite of what the day may bring. He is one of a kind. I simply wish there were more people similar to him in this world, life would be different.
Nathalie G.
Michael John Arnold is an incredible therapist who has the ability to focus in on the issues that the client/patient presents with .he has sincere compassion and caring and genuine understanding He has the ability to hone in on the true dynamics of the person’s problems without judging but,with kindness and knowledge.Trust is an Important part of the therapist/client/patient alliance.Mr Arnold creates a Safe environment for the patient that is truly the foundation of trust —so healing could begin. !
M. P.
I experienced depression as a deep dark hole in which my soul was in pain and my mind and body had shutdown. I couldn’t stand the sound of laughter or the light of day. Dread, despair, and fear greeted me upon waking from a drug induced sleep, and I still couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t believe anyone could help me. It takes a skilled therapist to pull someone out of such a deep depression. Michael has worked with many types of depression and as a result has not just skill, but intuitive insight. Thank you Michael for all that you do.
Ann A.
When you see Michael you’re not a case, you’re an individual. So it never feels as if he is taking the cookie cutter approach to my sessions. He sees me and understands my feelings and before know it I’m understanding myself too and low and behold I’m feeling better. Even if I relapse and feel the same way a month later. He is patient and addresses my feelings again and again if I need him to. He is such an awesome person because he shares one of the most precious commodities a person can share with another person - TIME! Thank you Michael!!
Sydney T.
Over time, Michael got me to see the World from a different perspective. Crossing paths with Mr. Arnold has been one of the most significant experiences in my Life.... Maybe saved My life.”
Harry B.
If looking for therapist, great one to go to
P A.
If you are looking for a good therapist with an effective approach to help you cope with life’s problems, look no further. Michael Arnold is the right one for you. Michael has helped me tremendously in coping with the loss of my life’s partner of 30 years. I have found him to be a rare therapist who can always help lift my spirit and boost my mood. Michael is a man of devotion to his patients, of compassion and positive energy. Besides possessing a well of professional knowledge, he has a lot of experiences dealing with losses and tragedies in life himself, therefore having the ability to understand what you are going through. Patient and resourceful, he listens carefully, interacts effectively, and connects naturally and easily with you, making you feel comfortable and at ease to discuss your personal issues. No matter what kind of problems bothering you, you will for sure walk out of a counseling session with him feeling empowered and energized to cope with your issues. With specific goals in mind for you, he can help you to break the fog and ultimately walk out of a seemingly desperate situation.
B S.
After losing my partner, I turned to Michael for help. I had lost all hope. His compassion, understanding, and support enabled me to move on with my life and find joy once again in the everyday rhythm of life. His warmth, kindness, and gentle spirit reinforce his professional skills. Michael is a blessing and gift to all he serves.
M E.
You will not meet another individual as selfless as Michael. He has dedicated his life to serving others and has truly been a blessing in my life. His passion for helping others makes him an ideal therapist and I could not recommended him more strongly.
P F.
I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Michael Arnold to seek help. He is one of a kind, a safe space for me to retreat to. He has a warm and inviting personality that makes seeking help a natural thing to do. It took me a long time before I sought help for myself and I wish I had met Mr. Arnold sooner. I'm happy for a fresh start in my life with Mr.Arnold providing me support and guidance and wisdom. He is insightful and has helped redirect my life, for which I am very thankful. Mr. Michael Arnold is a treasure.
H T.
No one, including me, expected a mass shooting in my own city. As a result, the company I work for hired Mr. Michael Arnold to help us cope with the magnitude of this loss. When I first met him, I felt fear, anxiety, depression, and overwhelmed. His compassion immediately made me feel safe. He gave me direction on how to move forward in a healthy manner. I trusted him and I'm glad I did. I now feel like I have control of my life again.
S D.
Mr. Arnold was a blessing to myself and coworkers during a time of tragedy. I work in news and my station had just covered a local mass shooting. That same week I lost my grandfather, He helped me through the grieving process. I am forever grateful for his professionalism and insight he shared to help me move forward. Thank you, Mr. Arnold!
Amy L.
As a patient suffering from extreme anxiety / depression and the loss of my parents, Mr. Michael Arnold was really one of the best clinicians that I have had. He is truly compassionate and unique as he developed a tailor-made treatment plan to my individual need, providing a comprehensive clinical psychotherapy approach to my therapeutic goals. I would HIGHLY Recommend Mr. Arnold to my family and friends or anyone seeking help, as he has helped me during my darkest time in my life.
M J.
Michael understands you very well and makes sure that you are comfortable enough to share. He is a thorough professional and excellent at his work.
S G.
In the early months of 2019, I went through some trying times that drove me into a deep state of depression. I needed help finding my way back to healthy living - mentally and physically. Though the intervention of my dearest friend and a close relative, I started therapy with Counselor Michael Arnold. The experience was nothing short of a life saver! When my therapy was completed I was able to return to daily life with renewed strength and a new outlook on life in general. I felt safe and secure bearing my deepest emotions to Mr. Arnold, he is an excellent therapist! I will recommend him any day! Janice B.
Janice B.
It’s was a pleasure meeting Mr.Arnold. He took the time to listen to my concerns and did not judge me I felt like I was in a safe space and wanted to talk He is knowledgeable and supportive I am definitely going back to see him
Geeta N.
Micheal was an in valuable resource suing a time of loss and bereavement. He enabled me to process, accept and ultimately embrace my past memories, present emotions, and future hopes. He facilitated my journey to wholeness and acceptance with compassion, skill and wisdom.
W T.
He is very thoughtful, compassionate, and never lose sight of you in any issue you bring to him.
G H.